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Smile Makeover Dentist at Dentistry & Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point in Kennesaw Area

All budgets are welcome here! Dentist in Kennesaw, GA, works with you to make your smile makeover a reality

Your smile, both its naturally beautiful and distinctive features and its characteristics that you want to change, is unique to you. There is no smile quite like yours. And, in turn, the process and series of procedures involved with “making over” your smile are one of a kind. Depending on your “starting point,” both what you would like to alter about your smile and what you need, your smile makeover dentist in Kennesaw and Tucker, GA, Dr. Kay Kalantari, may recommend any one (or a mix) of the following treatment options.

These options, available at the offices of Dentistry at Kennesaw Point, maybe restorative in nature to improve the function and health of the teeth and gums (with the added benefit of cosmetic improvement), or they may be aesthetic, an elective procedure strictly done to elevate the smile’s appearance.

Restorative treatments, as stunning as they are strong

Restorative Treatments, as Stunning as They Are Strong at Dentistry & Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point in Kennesaw Area

A lifelong learner, Dr. Kay has advanced training in areas such as implantology. So, you can benefit from the most sophisticated treatments available in dentistry today. These treatments include the dental implants that are placed in the jaw to replicate tooth roots that are lost when teeth are extracted. By replicating every aspect of the tooth, from the roots to the crowns, you end up with lab-made teeth that feel, function, and look no different than healthy natural teeth. Additionally, Dr. Kay offers white-colored fillings made from composite resin as a natural-looking alternative to “silver” fillings made from amalgams. Amalgam fillings look like the gray metal in your smile. So, they stick out from surrounding white teeth. White fillings are also conservative alternatives to amalgams because they preserve maximum natural tooth structure.

Cosmetic treatments

Professional teeth whitening, indirect porcelain veneers, and direct veneers or dental bonding may all be completed on healthy natural teeth. In partnership with Dr. Kay, you may wish to move forward with in-office or chairside teeth whitening or whitening at home with trays or dental appliances worn and filled with a professional bleaching gel. Many patients choose a combination of both methods to jumpstart their whitening program and prolong their results. Veneers may also be applied to the front surfaces of teeth to disguise imperfections such as chips, stubborn and unusual discoloration, and other signs of wear and tear that “age” your smile. They are made from either dental porcelain or biocompatible composite resin plastics.

A note on costs

Generally, at least a portion of restorative treatments may be covered by your dental insurance plan. Cosmetic procedures are largely not covered by insurance, because they are elective rather than “medically necessary.” That being said, at Dentistry at Kennesaw Point, we have relationships with seven reputable medical or dental financing companies. We are happy to discuss payment options with you. Everyone, regardless of financial obligations and constraints, deserves a healthy, confident smile.

Call 678-275-2066 to schedule your smile makeover consultation with Dr. Kay at the Kennesaw location or, if our Tucker office is more convenient for you, please call Existing patients Phone NumberExisting patients Phone NumberExisting patients Phone Number678-580-3060 to book an appointment there.

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Dr. Kay Kalantari best dentist for Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point

Dr. Kyandukhta Kalantari Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point

Dr. Kay Kalantari and her capable team are committed to providing the best quality dental care for patients of all backgrounds at Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point. As a full-service dental practice, you can expect personalized solutions for all your dental problems from Dr. Kalantari with state-of-the-art treatment options using the latest technology.

Dr. Kalantari earned her doctorate in the New York University Medical School especially focusing on dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry areas. She holds more than a decade of expertise in the field and due to her proven results and skills, she also holds membership in many prestigious dental associations including the American Dental Association.

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