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Cosmetic Dentistry to Improve Your Smile in Tucker area

Discover cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile in Tucker

Having a stunning, healthy smile increases your self-confidence and helps you make a good impression. Your smile affects your personal and professional relationships. Cosmetic dental care gives patients options to achieve the winning smiles they deserve. With offices in Tucker and Kennesaw, Dr. Kay Kalantari and the team at Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point offer cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The focus of cosmetic dental care is to enhance the physical appearance of the smile. This involves any procedure that alters, adds, or improves the aesthetic of the teeth and/or gums. Procedures are dependent on the patient’s unique needs. Treatments can be done to alter the color, size, or shape of the teeth. The gums may be altered. Although the primary goal of cosmetic dental care is to enhance the appearance of the smile, health and function are often improved as well. Treatments are designed to complement the patient’s overall health.

Patients who want to dramatically improve their smiles should consider cosmetic dentistry. Even something as simple as teeth whitening creates a significant change and can boost self-esteem. Cosmetic procedures are an effective way to change your smile and physical appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Choosing to alter the smile is a personal decision for each patient. Individuals who have chipped, uneven, crooked, missing, or stained teeth may be self-conscious of their smiles. In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has increased in popularity. Patients want bright, even smiles. Professional treatments with a dentist give patients multiple options for smile enhancement. Many procedures offer instant gratification for a dramatically improved smile.

Dr. Kalantari understands the importance of a stunning smile. She offers the following services for smile enhancement:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Cosmetic Dentistry to Improve Your Smile in Tucker area

Yellow, stained, or discolored teeth are a common cosmetic complaint. It is also one of the simplest to correct. The foods and drinks you consume or the lifestyle choices you make affect your teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco stain the teeth. Professional teeth whitening is a safe, effective way to brighten the smile. Although over-the-counter products are readily available, they contain lower quality whitening agents and are less effective. Professional whitening with a dentist allows patients to achieve whiter smiles in a shorter period of time.

Dr. Kalantari offers in-office or at-home whitening treatments. Treatments are customized based on patients’ needs and goals. With personalized at-home whitening trays, patients can whiten their teeth conveniently at home, at work, or even in the car. The result is still a brighter smile. Treatments in the office produce significantly whiter teeth after a single dental appointment.

Dental restorations

Tooth-colored restorations include metal-free composite fillings, inlays, and onlays. Instead of silver-colored dental amalgam fillings, tooth-colored composite fillings are used to restore decayed teeth. Composite materials are safe and durable. Additionally, the composite bonds to and blends in with the tooth for a natural, aesthetically pleasing result.

Restorations such as crowns, bridges, dental implants, and dentures repair and restore damaged or missing teeth. Each restoration has its own goal, but it ultimately improves the function and appearance of the smile. Functionally, if a tooth is damaged or lost, the natural balance of the mouth is thrown off. The teeth may shift. The bite may change. Bacteria can cause infections or additional damage. Aesthetically, the smile is marred. Dental restorations correct the damage so that a properly functioning replacement tooth completes the smile. The porcelain materials used are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Porcelain veneers are another option to alter the appearance of teeth. Made of very thin shells of porcelain, veneers are adhered to the front of the teeth. They can correct teeth that are crooked, stained, gapped, or uneven. Veneers may be used on a single tooth or as a smile makeover for an entire set of teeth. The result is a more uniform smile.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile, a consultation is necessary. During your appointment, Dr. Kalantari will discuss your options for smile enhancement and help you choose the most appropriate treatments based on your needs, expectations, and budget.

To schedule your appointment, contact Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point in Tucker at Existing patients Phone NumberExisting patients Phone NumberExisting patients Phone Number678-580-3060 or in Kennesaw at Existing patients Phone NumberExisting patients Phone NumberExisting patients Phone Number678-275-2066 .

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Dr. Kay Kalantari and her capable team are committed to providing the best quality dental care for patients of all backgrounds at Dentistry and Orthodontics at Kennesaw Point. As a full-service dental practice, you can expect personalized solutions for all your dental problems from Dr. Kalantari with state-of-the-art treatment options using the latest technology.

Dr. Kalantari earned her doctorate in the New York University Medical School especially focusing on dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry areas. She holds more than a decade of expertise in the field and due to her proven results and skills, she also holds membership in many prestigious dental associations including the American Dental Association.

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