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Kennesaw & Tucker, GA dentist pays it forward with dental assistant school

Dr. Kay Kalantari is passionate about dental care, because every day she sees the positive impact it has on the lives of others. She also sees the ongoing need for qualified dental assistants to aid in providing that care. She founded Dr. Kay’s VIP Dental Assistant School to fill a growing need in the Kennesaw & Tucker, GA area.

Why aspiring individuals in Kennesaw & Tucker, GA choose dental assistant school

  • Dental assisting is a career that withstands challenging economic conditions. People need dental care, even in the worst of times.
  • While jobs are not guaranteed, this is a stable field, with new dental offices opening all over the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 19 percent increase in demand for dental assistants by the year 2026, with more than 64,000 new jobs.
  • The work environment in a dental office is clean, pleasant, and polite.
  • The job is flexible. You may choose to work part- or full-time. Dental assisting can also be an excellent stepping-stone to a career in dental hygiene or even becoming a dentist.
  • The work is varied and interesting. Dental assistants have the opportunity to learn a great deal about dentistry as they assist the doctor during procedures. They have many other essential roles, as well, from scheduling appointments to taking x-rays.
  • Pay is excellent. The average starting salary is $36,000.
  • It feels good to help others! Most dental assistants build long-term friendships with patients, co-workers, and dentists.

Why choose Dr. Kay’s VIP Dental Assistant School?

Dr. Kay’s VIP Dental Assistant School gets you dental assistant certified and job-ready in just 11 weeks, with Saturday classes that fit your busy schedule.

How can you get the necessary education in just one day per week? Dr. Kalantari has developed an effective curriculum combining classroom lecture with real hands-on experience. Learn from instructors who practice dentistry daily, in a working clinical setting. Instruction is held at Dentistry at Kennesaw Point’s Tucker, GA office.

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